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In such a complex environment such as the industrial ecosystem in Latin America, it is key to be able to provide market-proven solutions with a global perspective. To achieve this while solving challenges on this domain with a cost-efficient proposal fills us with satisfaction here in Imagunet.For such reasons, we are proud to introduce our latest partner: Monnit.

Imagunet - Monnit Authorized reseller

Monnit is the leader and a global reference in Low Cost remote monitoring solutions and wireless sensing due to is pragmatic approach to applying the best assets from the Internet-of-Things (IOT) ecosystem in order to allow customers to solve challenges in the connectivity, visibility, monitoring and control of infrastructure and physical equipment in the most demanding environments.

With two (2) different product lines: Standard and ALTA, Monnit and Imagunet are able to offer capacity, features and pricing adjusted to every customer need within an offer support by six (6) factors:

    Easy to Setup and Use

Monnit remote monitoring systems can be setup in just a few minutes and our intuitive interface makes managing your system a snap.

   Low Cost

Monnit wireless sensors start at really competitive prices for the Latin America market and some features such as basic online sensor monitoring and notifications are included for free.

    Exceptional Wireless connectivity

Monnit optimized RF communications platform provides superior wireless range for covering large areas. Our wireless products are available in global frequencies (900, 920, 868 and 433 MHz).

   50+ Sensor Types

With over 50 different sensor types and more developed all the time, the sky is the limit for what you can monitor. From more traditional approaches such as temperature, humidity, motion, power usage to more complex variables such as acceleration, robustness and flexibility is at the center of our value proposition.

  Low Power / Long Life

Monnit wireless sensors feature industry leading power management, allowing sensors to last for up to 10 years.

   Local support

Imagunet as a local partner in Colombia is able to ensure and provide continuity for the customer service and support models that are part of key Monnit values at a global level.

Our alliance between Monnit and Imagunet seeks to transform the way in which businesses in the LatAm market monitor their infrastructure and optimize their processes.

Don´t hesitate to reach us for more information.


Images by:

Noah Buscher

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