Our capacity to execute in inventory automation has increased with Zebra

Imagunet and Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a recognized global leader in products and solutions that extend real-time visibility into business operations, are joining forces to rise up to challenge of Latin-american market for full automation and transformation of inventory management.

This partnership on top of the current portfolio built using Mojix Applications and overall process management enables Imagunet to provide a comprehensive life-cycle for digital transformation across many verticals including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics.

Our focus is to use a comprehensive hands-free, fast and agile product value chain to transform the user experience on physical premises or via online channels. In our everyday engagement with customers, we deal with retail with increasing high expectations on speed and availability or manufacturing with pressure to optimize processes and reduce outages in production lines.

Our response is built to drive the unprecedented agility and precision proven in the field with RFID with viable commercial and deployment models for the LATAM region that provide to all types of industries the correct tools to detail with the challenges already discussed.

Our capacity to execute now, initiates at product labeling/tagging  using the remarkable printer product line from Zebra and integrating it with our application suite for allowing multiple points of checks alongside the customer´s product life-cycle.

From customized reports available in any device (smartphones, tables, desk-stations) to automated rule-based workflows and dashboards with intuitive insights into the status of the supply and distribution chain; Imagunet is now able to bring the LATAM market to a new competitive level and help businesses reach their expansion goals.

Finally, our application suite and overall architecture is built with standard-based interfaces that simplify and streamline integration with back-end software such as the business suites from Oracle, SAP and IBM. So, we can guarantee minimum operational disruption while the process transformation driven by our solution is being deployed.

Imagunet and our partner portfolio is already available to make your business transformation possible in a viable way, don´t hesitate to contact us for more information.

AWS IoT APP Challenge Winner

The AWS IoT APP Challenge winner is … Imagunet!

We are so proud to announce that Imagunet´s submission is the  2017 AWS IoT APP Challenge First place winner, see the official post on the AWS site here.

Built using Sensor Beacons from Ruuvi connected via Wireless (standard Bluetooth Low Energy) to an open-hardware gateway (RaspberryPi3), ImaguSCC can monitor multiple points simultaneously.

Encryption and Secure transport of all information to our AWS IOT Cloud is available for all applications. From real-time monitoring to customized reporting for audit purposes. These applications range from an operational dashboards into our customer Operations Center to mobile apps where alarms and insights are deliver in real-time to each stakeholder.

Our customers can now take advantage of longer battery life, no limitations in terms of volume of measurement and environmental conditions.

In Imagunet, we make full use on many AWS service to build server-less architectures that scale to meet our customer´s growth and cost expectations.

Alongside many other great submissions, our Smart Cold Chain solution (ImaguSCC) was reviewed on AWS Twitch channel by Roger Barga (GM of Amazon Kinesis) and Tara Walker (AWS Senior Evangelist) in great detail during a Live Coding session.

AWS IOT Architecture of our Challenge submission

So we are being recognized as the Go-To company in Latin-America to ease our customer´s cloud journey into a true automated and scalable operational strategy. Don´t hesitate to check all the details on our Devpost.com page and contact us at any time




Your business can be automated now with Mojix and Imagunet

Without any doubt, the possibility of getting real-time updates has become ubiquitous in our everyday life. From home-delivery systems that track the step-by-step progress of a order to the intelligence behind some of the biggest e-commerce sites on the planet.

A new question arises: why don´t we see that omnipresence in the industry ecosystem?
Even more: why is not viral across some industries verticals that really on that possibility for portions of their business?

The answer may have various components from technology capabilities to costs constraints and inability to align with corporate goals, or even misconceptions. These factors highlight the need for a strategic partner that enable any company to transform external experience into pragmatic recommendations to deliver automation and agility on top of the best technological solution in the market today.

In a few words, we merge business transformation with practical vision and best-of-breed RFID technology without conditioning one to another in order to automate processes and significantly reduce costs of running asset-intensive industries.

For that reason, we love to welcome Mojix to our portfolio, a truly recognized pioneer in renewing RFID for multiple industry verticals with focus on automation, cost optimization and innovative business models to empower loyalty and improved experiences in our customer´s operations and business health.

With a unique offer that combines a practical set of infrastructure product to cover all possible scenarios of automation on any physical space alongside a software architecture based on best-of-breed topologies used in Industrial Internet-of-Things deployments, our customer business will take customer experiences to new heights.

This two-layer architecture enables to take advantage of progress in sensibility, accuracy, availability and flexibility of any RFID-based asset location deployment reinforced bu the elasticity and agility of application development on public o hybrid cloud environments, which results in a deeper transformation of asset-related processes with more realistic investment and execution time frames that fit the demanding market needs.

Such transformation becomes even more viral not just because of the innovative force behind the technology proposal by itself but because of the cultural change it brings to any industry adopting such model, leverage by three (3) major components.

The first component is automation, from inventory to workflows over large-space businesses, each industry benefits from adopting RFID as its asset location and contact-less data capturing technology from Mojix and Imagunet. Freeing operations and logistics teams from inefficient and tedious routines, while improving the overall customer experience, no matter the industry or transaction type.

The second component in this cycle is digitization, by transforming manual processes that are not cost-efficient into autonomous sources of permanent information. From a simple inventory management solution to the capability of seeing the flow of assets and people in real-time through any floor-plan. By taking this road, our customers are uniquely positioned to discover new ways to optimize their business on every deployment iteration.

The last revolutionary component is velocity, by improving processes and gaining real-time information of what happens in their business, our customers leverage agile development to accelerate response time to incidents; from stock-outs to re-supply and even a predictive approach to sales cycles in their offer. These organizations are transformed into data-driven businesses.

Our alliance between Mojix and Imagunet seeks to transform the way in which businesses in the LatAm market track their assets and optimize their logistics-related processes while boosting a smart sale approach.

Don´t hesitate to reach us for more information.